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Kingdom Kids Directors: Kelly and Annette Robinson

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To partner with parents to help foster their children to become lifetime followers of Christ.

The purpose for Children’s Ministry is to partner with parents in the study of God and his son Jesus Christ leading to a firm foundation for their child(ren). To develop and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and apply God’s word to their daily lives.

Core Values:

C ommunicating positively with each other (fellowship)
H elping parents and honoring God (praise and worship)
I nstructing children how to follow God (discipleship)
L eading others to God (evangelism)
D emonstrating Gods love (ministry)
R eaching others (community involvement)
E nabling children to experience the love and power of God (revival)
N urturing the children’s spiritually (growth)

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Our Kingdom Kids receive the word of God to know His love for them.

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