The New Man Awakens

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 17:31



Each of us has a very important ministry to fulfill in the church and for the world.  That ministry is discovered as we mature and become more like Jesus.  All of creation is groaning under the bondage of corruption waiting for us to be revealed as we are in Christ.  Pastor Mike teaches how to discover, nuture and develop our true identity in Christ.


  1. All of us has a unique gift that He wants to use to bless the world.
    1. God is birthing each of our individual ministries.
    2. God want to take our natural talents and use it for the great commission.
    3. Sometimes we need God to reveal the giftings that are in us.
  2. It is imperative that we know who we are in Christ.
    1. Because we are something new, we need to know what we have become.
    2. We have become united with Christ.
    3. We need the eyes of our understanding enlightened.
    4. The battle over our identity if fought in our mind, it needs to be renewed by the Word of God.
  3. When we are born again, we become a new creation.
    1. Christ’s life in us makes us something totally different.
    2. We need to go from the inside out…we already have His life in us.
    3. We need what we are in Christ to become manifested in the flesh.
  4. We need to grow and develop in our faith.
    1. We need to renew our mind daily/ even hourly.
    2. We need to put off the flesh and put on Jesus Christ.
    3. We need to engage our faith, for transformation does not happen without aggressive action.
  5. To grow we need:
    1. To pray.
    2. To meditate on God’s word – we need to chew on God’s word.
    3. We need to have fresh revelation from the Lord.
  6. When God buries the old man, we need to make sure he stays dead.
    1. We need to leave our old ways of thinking where they belong, in the grave.
    2. We need to forsake the carnal mind which an enemy of the truth revealed in God’s word.
  7. Our weapons against evil are not carnal, but are mighty in God.
    1. This describes a warfare in the mind against what is true in God’s word.
    2. We need to operate in the “today”.
  8. All creation is groaning, awaiting the revelation of God’s sons.
  9. The enemy has already been defeated, the only place he can attack us is in our mind and emotions – we need to stand in the truth of God’s word and demonstrate our identity in Christ to the world.
  10. We need to be so transformed in the Spirit that if we were to look in the mirror we would see Jesus.
    1. We need to be filled with God’s love so that it is manifested to the world.
    2. Being filled with God’s love is the context where miracles take place.
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