Are You at Your Wits End

Monday, 05 September 2016 16:06



We live in a society where many people are depressed and even wish they were dead.  Knowing God personally and listening to His voice in His word is the solution to a life that seems pointless.


  1. Many of us are going through things that have us at our wits end.
    1. God does not want us always facing battles.
    2. We are in a society where people often wish they were dead.
    3. Many youths are concerned about their friends who are depressed or are suicidal.
    4. When we are feeling down we should read Psalm 139
  2. Vs. 1-4 – The Lord knows everything about us.
    1. You need to realize that God knows us.
    2. God knows even our thoughts.
    3. Our thought life needs to be life giving rather than life taking.
    4. If we are feeling worthless, unsuccessful, etc. it comes from the enemy. We are successful if we are serving Jesus.
    5. He knows our actions which speak louder than words.
    6. Church is a team – we need to work together.
    7. Remember that God loves us.
    8. People who we think love us often do us harm, God never does.
  3. V. 5-12 – God’s blessing and presence is always with His people.
    1. God’s protecting hand is upon us.
    2. God’s voice guides and directs us so that we walk in the right way.
    3. God will give us a 24hr. energy drink.
    4. 2 Thess. 3:3 – God will strengthen us and guard us from the evil one.
    5. Lk. 12:32 – It is God’s pleasure to give us the Kingdom.
    6. God wants to give us good things and preserve us with a clean heart.
    7. Jer. 29:13 – we will find God when we seek Him with our whole heart.
    8. God will always guide us.
    9. Isa 58:11 – God will guide us and take care of us.
  4. Memory Lane
    1. The prophetic is the most talked about gift in scripture – it is to give us life and guidance.
    2. Barbara W. – “God will lengthen our tent pegs – prepare for expansion”
      1. We need to prepare our hearts for what God is doing.
      2. “Some will come against you because your heart is after God.”
      3. This is a very common experience for those who really love Christ.
      4. We need to want God’s word and people to be used for their God intended purposes rather than the purposes of men.
    3. “Young people are coming” is a word that has been given regularly to the church.
      1. Could it be related to Fortis – 188 kids here every week.
      2. God often does things in ways we did not expect.
    4. “Before God reveals His glory, disaster and calamity will come.”
    5. God needs to remove the debris from every crack and crevice
    6. There is going to be a release of a monumental miracles.
    7. There will be in increase in our personal and corporate homes.
    8. There will be a validation of the apostolic call.
    9. God will send people from Life Springs to Nations.
    10. Bishop will spearhead a revival – and train up pastors.
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