Dr. Ron Rhea

It is my pleasure to lead such great people. Dr. Ronald D. Rhea is the Founder and Bishop of Life Springs Church. Dr. Rhea earned his two B.A. degrees in Marketing and Business Management from St. Edward’s University. He earned a Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership from Vision University. Dr. Rhea has faithfully served the Life Springs congregation since 1982 and was ordained as the Senior Pastor in 1996. He now holds office as Bishop.

Dr. Rhea is prominently known nationally and internationally as a gifted, motivational speaker/teacher, and travels frequently throughout the country and around the world participating in seminars and conferences. He has had the privilege of speaking to and on behalf of churches, ministries, and Para-church ministries in the United States, China, Ghana, Nigeria and Mexico, and currently serves on the board of directors for many evangelistic ministries, non-profit and religious organizations across the United States. He is also a member and lecturer on the “God’s Money Man” team. Also, Dr. Rhea created the ministry within Life Springs called “Go Ye into All the World” that touches nations around the globe to come out of the mindset of poverty. Bishop Rhea also writes a blog called “Medicine for the Soul” that minister’s to hundreds of blog members. Also, he is a featured writer with an e-magazine that penetrates 50 nations and expanding. In addition, he is an author of several books that can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles. Texas Governor, State Representatives, and State Senators have sought out his advice on family values that matter to make Texas a better state.  More importantly, he is a fervent follower and disciple of Jesus Christ.

One of Dr. Rhea’s greatest passions is to do all he can to help prepare people for life so that they might fulfill the Great Commission of Christ. He desires to see as many people as possible receive proper discipleship so that they can grow in maturity according to Biblical principles and reach their full potential for leadership within the church, business and their homes.