Pastor David Joiner

It is my pleasure to serve under the leadership of Dr. Ronald Rhea. We joined LifeSprings Christian Church in 1999 and I now serve as Pastor of Ministries. Time flies when you are having fun. My wife Laurie and I served as the Youth Pastors for about nine years and this is a time I will never forget. Now as Pastor God has continued to keep the passion for youth alive in our hearts. This makes perfect sense to me since He has such a passion for them.

I meet with individuals or couples as needed and do my part to speak truth into their lives. Prior to becoming Pastor in 2010 I served as a Travis County Deputy for 20 years. During this time of service I really came to understand how insufficient the law is at changing lives, providing hope for the future, and helping people change their lifestyles. For this reason I currently serve as a Crisis Intervention Team volunteer for Williamson County where I am able to provide practical help and encouragement to those in need. We also have a Crisis Ministry at Life Springs that equips the saints to handle crisis situations and encourages those currently in a crisis that there is hope and healing in Jesus Christ.

God has placed such an excitement in my heart I truly have a tough time containing it. I believe I am to deliver whatever I do with excitement and joy, and with the help of His phenomenal power I will do so. I am so honored that the Lord has called me to be a Pastor and I will not let Him down. I know you are called to serve Him also, come and visit and see if this is where you are called!