The greatness of nations is bound up with the faith and character of its citizens.

Your decision to join a church is one of the most important decisions you can make for the future of America. There are many problems we are facing as a culture economically, morally, socially and politically, yet the solution to all of these problems is bound up with the state of the Church. What made America great was the Christian faith and godly character such faith produced. That was the foundation of our nation. All Americans are benefactors of the faith of previous generations. The problem is that as we forsake the biblical faith that transforms lives and creates godly character, society falls apart. God’s solution is to transform people’s lives and use them to bring His loving order to every area of society. As you get involved with the Christian faith that made our country exceptional, you are serving the welfare of this generation and investing in future generations.

Not every church is a “good” church, but good churches can be found everywhere. They are not connected to any denomination, but they can belong to any denomination. The following is a non-comprehensive list of traits to look for when looking for a “good” church:

  1. They preach from all of scripture in a manner that renews minds.
  2. They proclaim the gospel that transforms lives.
  3. They preach and know Jesus Christ.
  4. They live as disciples, walking in love.
  5. There is a real encounter with the Holy Spirit.

These are some of the traits you will find at Life Springs Church in Liberty Hill, Texas. Our dream is not just to get people to heaven when they die, but to get people to experience the Kingdom of Heaven which is present in the world today. The gospel has the power to transform lives and to cause us to grow mature in love. Whether you choose to join our church or not, we encourage you to find “good” church and become part of the solution to the challenges facing America today.