What should we think of a man who looks in a mirror and says “I believe I am a woman?”   If our reason is properly working, we should conclude that such a person is a blind fool who cannot see what is clearly evident in creation. In a similar fashion, all who cannot see that male and female were designed to be together are intentionally blind to reality. All of these disconnections to reality begin with the ultimate disconnect of being able to look at creation and not acknowledging a creator. Such a position is what we call homocosmological. Cosmology is the science that deals with the origin and structure of the universe. Heterocosmology acknowledges a clear distinction between creation and our creator. Homocosmology sees the world all as one, apart from a creator.

America currently worships the false Christ of homocosmology, and unless she repents and turns back to her heterocosmological foundation, American society will become tyrannical and oppressive. Christ is a biblical term for “anointed one” and it refers to the office of king. Where a king rules, his law governs the land. Jesus Christ is the true king of creation, and when creation rejects the rule and reign of Jesus Christ, people give the allegiance owed to God to idols whose laws are contrary to those of nature and of nature’s God. False Christs promise heaven and deliver hell.

In order to understand the culture war that America is facing, we need to realize that it is a clash between a biblical worldview that holds to a binary distinction between creation and a creator and a oneist cosmology which believes all is one. Homocosmology often proclaims itself as atheistic and materialistic, but in reality, it exalts creation, specifically man, to the role of God. The fundamental implication of this culture war is moral and has specific implications in the area of law. If there is no creator who established all things according to His Eternal Law, then there is no ultimate ground for morality, and in the end might makes right. This is the trajectory America is currently heading, and it leads to tyranny, oppression and inhumanity of the basest nature.

Driving the rapid growth of homocosmology is the dream that self-fulfillment is found through unrestrained desire and the conviction that freedom is the ability to do as one wills. Religion, from such a perspective, is seen as the enemy of self-actualization and therefore robs people of freedom. Yet, the homocosmological dream of freedom always ends in pain and sorrow. Because there is no ground for right and wrong, if someone finds it pleasurable to beat and rape women or even little children, there is no reason to judge such actions as immoral. Homocosmology preaches a gospel that proclaims “there are no distinctions between right and wrong, good and evil; all is one, God is dead, we are supermen who are beyond good and evil.”

Once we reject the binary distinction between creator and creation, we are left with the ancient false religion of monism (all is god). Because it is clothed in the guise of materialism and atheism, followers of this false religion try do deny what it actually is: the repaganization of Western Civilization which will ultimately lead us back into slavery and barbarism. The rejection of the creator makes creation all there is, and that leads toward the rejection of all other natural distinctions. This is why we are seeing a culture that praises androgyny, whose heroes are homosexuals and the transgendered, where we are whatever sex which we choose to identify with.

In direct opposition to a homocosmology is the kingdom of Jesus Christ, whose law over the land is love. Scripture tells us that God is love, and everything He does and commands is an expression of love. Contrary to the false gods of this earth, God’s Law is not arbitrary. It is an expression of His character and nature. Jesus told us that all scripture, specifically the law and the prophets, are summed up by “love the Lord with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.” All throughout the New Testament, the commandment to love one another clearly rings forth, even the call to love others as Christ has loved us. Indeed, love is so essential to the rule and reign of God on earth, that the defining Characteristic of Christians is our love, a love that is proven when we “love our enemies, bless those who curse us, do good to those who hate us and pray for those who persecute us.” What we see here is a law that defines Christians, and it is based on love. As a matter of fact, all of God’s Law is an expression of love. God’s Law creates a biblical social architecture which is conducive to the most blessed state of society in light of the current age where men without Christ are in bondage to sin.

In today’s homocosmological society, all distinctions are blurred, and the definition of love is total acceptance of all things. Yet this is actually the antithesis of true love. The bible declares that to love righteousness is to hate evil. All things which are contrary to God’s law are evil and cause tyranny and oppression if they are not dealt with. This is where we are heading unless we once again turn back to the faith of our founders and acknowledge God and His Law as binding over all men, of all time, in all nations. That is the only way to true blessing, liberty and love.

The first way that we do this is through structuring all of society according to God’s Law. This creates a social context that restrains evil and rewards righteousness. Second, and most importantly, we surrender our hearts to the rule and reign of God in Jesus Christ. Through the gospel, God writes His Law on our hearts and He gives us the Holy Spirit who causes us to walk in His ways. Only then does God truly reign over us, and only then do we actually walk in love.

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