Pastor and Director of Celebrate Recovery

Dave grew up in a preacher’s home.  Both sides of his family were ministers, missionaries, or teachers.  After high school Dave ran away from God and at 19 gave in to God’s call on his life.  Almost immediately God moved him to Houston, Texas, where a sovereign visitation of God was in progress…it was later labeled the Jesus Movement.  There God touched his life like he had never experienced before.  There he met Dr. Buddy Hicks and was mentored by him for several years.  He moved to Springfield, Mo. to study at Central Bible College and Interdisciplinary Studies of the Ancient Near East at Southwest Missouri State.  In 1978 he moved back to Austin, Tx and went to work for the Safeway Co.  for 16 years.  For the last 21 years he has worked for the Nyle Maxwell Auto Group.

Dave was a founding member of Trinity, now Lifesprings Church.  Yet because of certain unresolved issues and faulty concepts he again ran from God, losing nearly everything of value in the process.  After some difficult years of running, God in His mercy tracked him down and  in a final culmination of surrender, he was reconciled and restored.

Again, Dave submitted to mentoring and accountability from the leadership of Lifesprings.  Eventually he was restored to miniistry and ordained a pastor at Life Springs Church.  His heart has always been to share the beauty of God’s Word, but now his desire is simply to know Jesus more intimately and share the hope and power of being reconciled to God through the ministry of Celebrate Recovery.

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