We are facing a time where not only unbelievers, but believers are often getting their values from the world rather than from God’s word. Instead of transforming the world to reflect heaven, in some critical areas we are being conformed to a world of darkness because we are not renewing our minds with scripture. One area where that is happening is through a false doctrine of love that teaches that we should not oppose homosexuality in the public arena. People have bought into the idea that sexuality is a personal matter that has no practical impact on other people’s lives. Subtly, such a position robs husbands and wives, mothers and fathers of the dignity and importance of their lives. Marriage and family are social structures that unite people together. It is the foundation of society. Sexuality is intrinsic to its structure. Whenever other social structures are approved of and other contexts of sexuality embraced, society falls apart. The breakdown of biblical marriage and sexuality paves the way to a culture of death.

While we are called to promote that which is good and resist that which is evil, we are called to do it in a way that is for people and not against them. We are called to love all people and treat them with grace and compassion. That is why homosexuals, as well as people struggling with any type of sin, have always been welcome at Life Springs Church. As people created in the image of God they have always been welcome in our community and are loved on for who they are. People are more than their sin or sexuality. We work to bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus and to experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. As people receive Jesus and follow Him, he conforms them into His image.

The reason we highlight homosexuality is because it is a very important tipping point in society according to Romans chapter 3. We need to make it clear that the issue is not homosexuals but homosexuality itself. Biblically, homosexuality is a major warning sign that society is degenerating rapidly to become hell on earth. It is a warning sign that people have lost the knowledge of God and cannot see the self-evident order of creation. Disorder and chaos naturally follow. It is a warning sign that people’s consciences have become darkened and therefore the floodgates toward all kinds of evil is opening wide. We are already seeing the public praise of those who are transgendered being treated as social heroes. This further demonstrates the loss of the knowledge of God who has created all things, whose divine order is stamped on creation, is spreading rapidly. The loss of the knowledge of God leads to all kinds of evil. Pedophilia, bestiality, rape, violence against women and every other form of evil flow from people who have lost the knowledge of God. Homosexuality is the sign that such things are on the way according to Romans 3.

The good news is that there is power in the gospel of Jesus Christ to turn things around. Society does not have to degenerate into hell on earth. There is power in Christ to heal nations. It requires that the Church be the salt and light it has been called to be. We need to see the warning signs and to pray to almighty God who alone has the power to turn things around while spreading the dream of a world that reflects heaven through preaching the Word of God. Most importantly, we need to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ which alone has the power to save and has the power to transform lives.

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