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God’s Word, according to 1 Timothy 3:16, is breathed by God Himself. Even if we study it every day for our entire life, it will always continually reveal more to us and transform us more into the image of Jesus because God’s Word is alive. God’s word reveals Jesus to us, in us and through us. All of scripture, Old Testament and New, reveals Jesus. All throughout we get a single picture of God who is loving and merciful, who provides atonement for sin so that people can have fellowship with Him.


  1. Imagine a society where God’s Word is banned.
    1. It happened during the Enlightement period, God’s Word with priests and nuns were burned.
    2. In China, people cried when they read God’s word because it had been banned in the public square.
  2. God’s Word is given so that we might be complete and equipped for every good work.
    1. Doctrine is not bad, if it is true doctrine.
    2. If you say that you have Jesus but you don’t want religion, it is missing the point. Jesus founded the church and religion is not bad, only false and dead religion.
  3. We can always learn more and be transformed by God’s Word.
    1. You could study every day for all your life, and even if you lived to 300 years old, you would still be receiving revelation from God’s Word.
    2. God’s word is a living document that transforms our lives.
    3. DNA seems to imply that the basic building block of creation is information rather than material.
    4. Those who discovered the code of DNA, many understood that something had to be behind creation.
    5. Prov. 14:6 knowledge is easy to those who understand.
    6. Everything is stamped with God’s information code.
    7. Information develops things.
  4. We need to stamp ourselves with God’s word to be fully equipped for every good work.
    1. The revelation from God’s word comes by the Holy Spirit quickening it.
    2. For us to have continual development and completeness, we need to be in God’s word.
    3. Everyone is in search of significance, but they are often getting the wrong information – it only comes through God’s word.
    4. God’s word will change your life and give you significance, meaning, purpose and something to live for.
    5. God is the God of the living not the dead – God’s word will make you alive.
    6. We need to train our kids up knowing the truth of God’s word.
  5. God in these days is speaking to us through His Son – Jesus.
    1. Myth – God of OT was wrathful and God of NT is loving – God never changes.
      1. PS 103:8 – “the Lord is merciful and gracious…..”
      2. 1 Jn 1:9 – God will forgive our sins.
    2. I can be saved without the shedding of blood.
      1. Leviticus – “the blood makes atonement for you.”
      2. Ephesians 1:7 – “In Him we have redemption through His blood.”
    3. Jesus validated the inspiration of every book of Scripture.
  6. Baptism – John in the wilderness was calling Israel to repentance – All Israel came out to be baptized.
    1. Baptism was in the OT as well.
    2. 2 Kings 5:14 – Namaan washed in the Jordan and his leprosy was cleansed.
      1. When he and his aides saw the healing he testified “now I know that there is a God in Israel.”
      2. Many have heard of God’s deeds, but we need to take it to the streets.
    3. We are a citizen of the kingdom because we have been dipped in His blood.
  7. When you were born again, you got His information system in you.
    1. His word will reveal it in you.
    2. We have not arrived, but His word will fully develop us.
    3. God’s Word is alive and in it is mercy.
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