Christ In You


The purpose of the New Covenant is to unite us to Christ so that we are one body. There are important practical implications of this truth, for whenever we love and serve fellow believers we are serving Christ, and whenever we persecute other believers we are persecuting Christ. God wants to awaken us to the truth that as believers we are one with Christ just like a husband and wife are one with each other.


  1. Jesus finished His work, but we need to renew our minds to receive all that He has accomplished for us.
    1. When things do not line up with God’s word in the world, we need to use God’s word to bring it into order.
    2. John 2:19 – Jesus told them to destroy the temple and he would raise it up in 3 days.
    3. In Abraham’s time, God began to reveal Himself – His emphasis was that He was with them.
    4. In the Holy of Holies resided the presence of Almighty God – yet Jesus tried to change the way they were thinking because a new era was coming.
    5. Jesus began to teach that something else was coming – Christ in You!
    6. Jn 14:6 – Jesus is the way, the truth and the life… embracing all faiths will send you to hell.
    7. Jesus is the only way of life – the way of salvation is as narrow as Jesus.
    8. Jesus fully revealed the Father.
    9. Jesus so identified with the Father that He attributed His mighty works to God the Father.
    10. Jesus’ instructions to His disciples was always to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, etc. – He knew what the will of God is – Maybe the church needs to know what the will of God is.
    11. Jesus never caused sickness, disease, etc. in His life – if you can’t find something in the life of Jesus, you might need to rethink things.
  2. Jesus’ message was that the kingdom of God is at hand.
    1. The rule and reign of God is at hand, healing and deliverance is a sign of His reign.
    2. When God is reigning, sickness has to leave.
    3. Righteousness brings peace and truth.
  3. Jesus prayed that His disciples would be one – Jn 17.
    1. That we would be one like Jesus and the Father.
    2. That we would be one in Christ – so that His kingdom will be manifested.
    3. Jesus was praying in the new era where we would be one – Christ in us the hope of glory – that we would all be one in Him.
  4. Eph. 1:16 – Paul prays that Jesus would be revealed to us.
    1. He prays that we would be enlightened – delivered from darkness.
    2. There will never be a time where Jesus will not be Lord of all.
    3. Paul is trying to cause people to walk in the reality of absolute surrender to God, His will and His kingdom.
  5. The Church is the Bride of Christ – Eph. 5:28
    1. We are part of the Body of Christ – His flesh and bones, we have the mind of Christ, and we are one Spirit with Him.
    2. We are not one Spirit like Him but with Him.
    3. Just as marriage makes two people one flesh, so we are one with Christ.
    4. Acts 9 – as Saul persecuted the Church, Jesus told him that Saul was persecuting Jesus.
    5. We need to get a hold of this – when we judge another believer, or harm them, we are persecuting Jesus.
    6. When we exalted ourselves over others we are persecuting Jesus.
    7. All other believers are part of the body of Christ and are to be honored and respected as such.
    8. The church is Christ’s body – Christ wants us healthy and free – no man hates his own body.
    9. Does God hate us? We are His own flesh, His own body.
    10. God wants us to wake and realize that we are part of the body of Christ.
    11. Sin, sickness, disease, poverty, lack all comes from the kingdom of darkness and not the kingdom of light – you won’t see it in heaven.
  6. Holiness destroys sin, it cannot embrace it. There is a serious confusion today over what love is.
    1. We hate sin because it brings destruction but love the person.
    2. Some people are preaching that believers do not need to repent – that is a load of garbage.
    3. Grace does not embrace sin. Nor turn a blind eye toward it. It empowers you to walk free from sin.
    4. Sin is a yoke that will drag you down the road of destruction – the church should not embrace sin, but to stand against it.
    5. If your experience does not line up with the Word, preach the word and your experience will follow.
    6. There is a serious confusion about love – if we really loved people would stand in the way of their sin that leads them to destruction.
    7. People are trying to rephrase what love is – people are embracing those who hate them and turn from those who love them.
    8. If you see someone riding their bike toward a cliff, you will do everything in your power to try to stop them.
    9. Right now people are loving the world that hates them and hates the church that loves them.
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