The Sacrament of Baptism



Baptism is a sign to the world that we are married to Christ.  On the day of Pentecost, after Peter preached, men were cut to their hearts and inquired what they must do to be saved.  Peter responded that they must repent and be baptized.  Repentance is where we turn away from our rebellion and submit to Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Baptism is our convession to the world about what Jesus had done in our hearts.


  1. Acts Chapter 2, people cut to their heart when they heard Peter preaching.
    1. They asked what they should do in response?
    2. They are told to repent and then be baptized.
  2. Lk 15 – There is joy in heaven over one sinner who repents.
    1. If there is joy in heaven, there should be joy in the church.
    2. There is a joy for us to experience that on Jesus Christ can give us.
    3. Water baptism is a sign of what has already has already happened in the heart.
  3. The New Covenant strengthened and fulfilled all that was in the Old Covenant.
    1. They needed to repent in the old covenant.
    2. The same principle is still there.
    3. The new covenant is to repent and be baptized.
    4. The word “Sacrament” comes from Latin and is connected to the promises of God.
    5. The promise to Abraham included a ceremony where God promised by Himself.
    6. Every sacrament of the church is based upon the promises of God.
    7. In the OT is was about the circumcision of the skin, in the NT it is of the heart.
    8. Without repenting and confessing Christ as both Lord and Savior, we are not saved.
  4. Ephesians 4 – What does water baptism actually do?
    1. It testifies that we belong to Jesus.
    2. It testifies to the second coming of Jesus.
    3. It relates to the sacrament of marriage.
    4. It is like the ring in a marriage. The ring doesn’t do anything, but it is a sign of the covenant.
    5. Water baptism signifies that we belong to Jesus.
    6. It is a declaration that we are in covenant with Jesus.
  5. We share the gospel in the light of Jesus Christ.
    1. We are all ministers sharing the faith.
    2. When we come upon someone who is cut to the heart, we can lead them to Christ on the spot.
    3. When the heart is ready for Christ, Christ will be right there in a second.
    4. It is not us waiting on God, but God waiting on us.
    5. In addition to water baptism, we are to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, without which we cannot do what God called us to do.
  6. God gives signs.
    1. God set a rainbow in the skies as a sign.
    2. God is a covenant making God.
    3. We need to remember the signs and stir ourselves up in our faith.
    4. We need to conjure up those things that God has done for us, the things we know are true, the things that have really touched our lives.
    5. Abraham – the sign of circumcision – that Abraham was cut out from the rest of humanity and was consecrated to Himself.
    6. When we belong to Christ’s kingdom, we are under his law.
    7. You do not become part of a nation and then seek to change the law that define and gives character to it, instead you submit to the laws of the land.
  7. Colossians – In Christ the fullness of deity dwells bodily, and we are circumcised in Him.
    1. Our hearts are circumcised through repentance.
    2. All men have in common that we are all sinners before God, and there is an atonement for our sinful nature.
    3. When we meet Christ, we are humbled, delivered from selfishness and made truly loving.
    4. The one condition is that we quit rebelling and submit to Christ.
  8. The most important obedience is obedience to the Great Commission.
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