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Viral Christianity



We need to be infected with the DNA of Jesus so we can tranform culture because only the power and grace of Jesus can bring people into wholeness.


  1. God has a destiny for Life Springs Church.
    1. What is important is that the presence of the Lord is here.
    2. God has been imparting a vision to the church – transforming culture.
    3. Across the country it seems that God has been speaking a similar word to what He has been speaking here.
    4. Azusa – the Spirit fell on many people.
      1. Then Pentecostal denominations formed.
      2. 60’s-80’s renewal in denominational churches.
      3. Willie Seymour prophesied that there would be another outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 100 years…we are at that point.
  2. Quick summary of what God has been speaking at Life Springs.
    1. Culture – from an agricultural perspective.
    2. Viral Pandemic –
    3. Acts 4 – People took note of the confidence of Peter & John…They had no formal education... but they had been with Jesus.
    4. Education is good if it is by the Holy Spirit.
    5. There was something different about the Apostles because they had been with Jesus.
    6. Harry Cohn was a business man filled with the Holy Spirit.
    7. Jesus is the glue of marriage. Jesus is the glue of life – He puts it together.
    8. If we do not have Jesus we will not have true success or happiness.
    9. Culture – “to till with force” applies to every discipline of life.
    10. He challenged us spiritually to cultivate our hearts to be a healthy habitation for the presence of Jesus Christ.
    11. We want to be a habitation of Jesus because we want to be a light to those who are lost in darkness.
    12. They have no idea that Jesus in their lives can give them hope and peace.
    13. Pr. Buddy was lost in darkness without hope in life when a man who had a Christian culture came and infected Buddy with the faith.
    15. It really is that simple.
    16. When Jesus saves us He doesn’t change our personality, He enhances it.
    17. He lets us be ourselves because we are unique.
    18. We are to be a habitat of the agape love of God and put it display in life.
    19. We will do all things as an act of worship to Jesus and as a witness to Him.
    20. We carry the seed of eternal life and have the privilege of “carrying the virus.”
    21. When we go to work, we go as a priest of the Lord.
    22. We have the privilege of being part of the culture of Jesus.
  3. The Reformation – 2 great tenants.
    1. Justification by faith & the priesthood of all believers.
    2. There is a called clergy, but there is an important reality that all believers are priests, the professional clergy are to equip the saints to do the work of ministry.
    3. The Bible does not talk about laymen; he talks about Holy Ghost filled priests to a dying world.
    4. The most important aspect of the church is that all are called to minister in the world.
    5. The church is the locker room where we get the game plan for the real game of life.
    6. Sundays are our locker room; Mondays we report to our calling.
  4. The viral concept in a pandemic virus.
    1. Malcom Gladwell – famous writer – “The Tipping Point” – how things go viral.
    2. In 1999 the cell phone went viral. It became a pandemic.
    3. Ideas, thoughts and culture can go pandemic – there are tipping points.
    4. A cell, a culture, a virus, and idea that keeps growing until it infects whole nations.
    5. The principle he discovered can be carried right into the spiritual realm.
  5. The Tipping point.
    1. That magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior tips and spreads like wildfire.
    2. Everything changes at once.
    3. Medically – a disease that breaks out over a wide geographical area that infects a vast amount of people.
  6. 3 things to consider.
    1. Little causes can have big effects.
    2. Changes happen not gradually but at one dramatic moment.
  7. God founded Life Springs to have pandemic influence over the region.
    1. We need to be infected with the virus.
    2. We need to be infected with the DNA of Jesus.
    3. Only the power and grace of Jesus Christ can bring people into wholeness.
    4. A change agent who carries the germ – they are usually just common people who love Jesus and are filled with the love of God.
    5. When it is a pandemic, it doesn’t take a lot of people, it can be a few or even one that is carrying the virus.
    6. The Hebrides revival – a couple of women prayed and God showed up.
    7. Their strategy was to get people to pray for God to visit them.
    8. It is not difficult to be infected, we just need to be with Jesus.
    9. True spirituality is the most natural thing the world.
    10. We have to have a culture that is contagious to a world in darkness.
    11. You have to ask God to give you a love for the lost – the lost are everywhere.
    12. Love the Lord, spend time with Him.
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