God is Love


Christianity today has had such a mixing of seed for commercialization that it has no power to reproduce the life of Jesus. God wants to transform our lives so that we bear the fruit of the Spirit and reveal the character and nature of Christ. Only the pure, uncompromised, uncomercialized Word of God will bear authentic spiritual fruit. Those who do not engage their faith will also never bear fruit. Only those who seek the Lord with their whole heart will bear fruit, for God rewards such people.


  1. Heirloom vs. Hybrid tomatoes.
    1. The heirloom is that which is coming from the original seed – keeping the natural seed pure – it is able to reproduce.
    2. Store bought tomatoes are hybrids where seeds are genetically modified – it is unable to reproduce. It becomes weaker in future generations.
      1. For commercialization.
      2. Combination of seeds sullies the attributes of the pure seed.
  2. Heirloom.
    1. Heir – one who inherits from another (can be properties).
    2. Loom – to weave together into the desired end.
  3. God is love – love is a word that conjures up a picture of other attributes.
    1. Love is patient, kind, truth, faithful, is giving, etc. – Scripture defines what love is, Jesus is Love.
  4. Christianity today has had such a mixing of seed for commercialization that it has no power to reproduce the life of Jesus.
    1. We are not meant to mix other seeds with Jesus.
    2. Deut. 22:9 – do not sow vineyard with different types of seed.
    3. We need to walk in the light and bear the fruit of the Spirit – true seed.
    4. We are not to have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness – other seed.
  5. 1 Pet. 1:22-24 – Love fervently – we are born in Christ of incorruptible seed.
    1. God’s seed is eternal and incorruptible, and we are born of His seed through the word of God.
    2. As we meditate and pray on God’s word we begin bearing good fruit.
  6. Jeremiah 1:11-12 – Jeremiah sees in a vision – God watches over His word to fulfill it.
    1. If you are a casual enquirer (asleep) you will never be visited by God, but a sincere enquirer (awake) will be visited by God.
    2. In Palestine the Almond tree was the first tree to bud, it declared the arrival of spring – that is why it was referred to as the watching tree.
    3. God is faithful and dedicated to watch over His word and over our lives.
    4. He waits for the season for His promises over our lives to come to pass.
    5. Often the circumstances in our lives seems to contradict the promises of God – the devil wants to rob us of life (especially joy) – yet God’s word is sure.
    6. The devil comes with mixtures of seed to rob us of the promises of God.
    7. The living word works in us from the inside out, but not without a fight.
    8. God’s incorruptible word is in us making us more like Him – into the likeness of what love is.
    9. Lakes turn over to get rid of the impurities – it really stinks.
    10. Sometimes God turns our lives over to get rid of the impurities.
  7. Acts 10 – Cornelius.
    1. God rewards those who diligently seek him.
    2. God dwells with those who are humble and contrite and tremble at His word.
    3. When we seek God He will come and visit us.
    4. Cornelius was seeking to know God and God showed up.
    5. We know what Cornelius was seeking because of God’s answer to prayer.
  8. What would it be like if we responded to God as a whole church with urgency in prayer for the lost and for God to show up.
  9. 1 Cor. 5:17 – those who are in Christ are a new creation.
    1. Warning – do not mix the seeds of this world with the seed of Christ.
    2. Gal. 5:22ff – describes love and tells us there is no law against such things.
    3. This implies that the Law is still active – for the law is eternal – it is bound up in the character and nature of God.
    4. Those who are in Christ crucify the flesh with its passions and desire.
    5. Christians are called to present their bodies as a living sacrifice.
    6. We are not to be conformed to this world (mixed seed) but to be transformed by the renewal of our mind through God’s word (heirloom seed).
    7. The perfect will of God is for us to walk in love and in the fruit of the Spirit.
  10. We are an heirloom of Christ
    1. We are to imitate that divine nature that is in us.
    2. We are not to mix seed and not be a MSB (modified spiritual believer).
    3. There are often insecurities that are not of God and when we react to them, we fail to bear the fruit of the Spirit.
    4. The fruit of the Spirit is something people enjoy.
    5. The pure seed (Jesus) was planted in the earth and now is bearing much fruit.
  11. Every time that there was a tipping point in the Bible it was when the people responded to God with all of their heart not out of compulsion but freely.
    1. When they were taking donations for building the tabernacle, Moses had to restrain the people from giving because they gave so much.
    2. On the day of Pentecost they were all in the upper room waiting (in active prayer). Prayer is an engagement.
    3. God is calling us today to respond.
    4. We can have God move in such a miraculous way that it would revolutionize our life, this church and bring thousands into the kingdom of God.
    5. What are we supposed to do if it is not that.
    6. That is the true heirloom.
    7. If God’s presence shows up in our life in a greater way, we cannot remain the same.
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