When our faith is in the Word of God (Jesus), God has promised that He will restore everything that we have lost regardless of the cause.  Whether it is from our own mistakes, circumstances or from enemies, God is the restorer of our lives.


  1. What is God saying to us?
    1. Many of us have been going through tough times.
    2. Many have been struggling.
    3. God is saying to us to get ready for our restoration.
    4. The book of Joel 2:25 – God is restoring back to us all that the enemy has stolen.
    5. It does not matter how long you have been in that condition, what God says, He will do.
    6. God will make restitution for what has been taken.
    7. All we need to do is anchor ourselves by faith upon what God has said.
  2. When David fought Goliath, his confidence was in the word of God.
  3. The root word for restoration is “shalom” which means God will make us whole, He will strengthen us, and give us His peace.
    1. God is promising to make us whole.
    2. God is promising to make us complete.
    3. God is promising to bring us into our destiny.
    4. God is going to restore “all” of the years which have been stolen.
  4. There is so much potential and giftings which are not being used.
    1. God wants to restore us back to our giftings where we function as God created us to.
    2. We have been given gifts to edify the church.
    3. For many, our giftings are lying fallow.
    4. God is saying that He is going to restore us.
  5. God is restoring the families, the prodigals, and all those who have wandered astray.
  6. We have entered a different season; it is the season of the Spirit of God.
    1. It is a time of no longer living in a pity party, but flying like an eagle.
  7. Some of our troubles have come:
    1. Because of our own mistakes,
    2. Because of circumstances
    3. Regardless of what they are from, God will restore them.
    4. God will restore all that the enemy has taken from us.
    5. God can restore everything.
  8. After Abraham was willing to sacrifice all, then God made him the father of many nations.
    1. All of who have left all for Jesus and the gospel, will have more than that restored.
  9. We are about to experience the greatest harvest.
    1. It is important to know that when God blesses us, it is to be a blessing.
    2. When God wants us to be poured out as an offering.
  10. God has promised to restore:
    1. Strength, energy, passion, zeal and motivation – even in our old age (Ruth 4).
    2. Property – God will restore even our property back to us.
    3. Position – Genesis – God restored Pharaoh’s cup bearer.
    4. Health – Jeremiah – “I will restore health and heal wounds.”
    5. Finances – The cattle on a thousand hills, the silver and gold belongs to our Father.
    6. Damage – The damages that have taken place in our souls, our minds, emotions and in our secret places – God is going to restore life, joy and peace.
      1. It hurts more than being stabbed with a knife when we are hurt in our soul.
      2. God has promised to bind up the broken hearted.
    7. God is the one who restores joy!
      1. There is a difference between joy, gladness and happiness. Joy flows from the inside.
      2. When we lose everything we can lose our happiness, but not our joy.
      3. Psalm 51 – May God restore the joy of salvation.
  11. Jesus is showing up here this morning to restore us.
    1. Get ready for an incredible season of restoration.
    2. When God brings restoration, we will have plenty.
    3. Plenty is in store for us today.
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