The Colts, The Crowd and the Children



God wants to change our hearts so that we will find true success and joy in fulfilling His calling for our lives.  One touch from Jesus will change our lives for ever and cause us to be light in a world of darkness.


  1. God wants us to have a heart transplant so that we can all flourish and enjoy His calling in our lives.
    1. God wants you to be on fire for Him.
    2. God has no frenemies, He only has friends and enemies.
  2. Matt. 2:1-16 – Jesus heads to Jerusalem and gets a donkey to ride on, enters Jerusalem and cleanses the temple. The Children were heard praising the Lord.
    1. 5 prophecies in that passage – God wants to open our hearts and minds to His prophetic speaking.
    2. This section marked the end of one section and the beginning of a new section.
    3. We are part of a New Covenant people,
    4. God wants many of us to experience a new beginning.
    5. God wants us secure in Him even if we do not know exactly where we are going.
    6. God wants us to choose a relationship with Him.
  3. God has a specific calling and ministry on all of our lives – He has a specific plan for each of us.
    1. If we get off course, God will get us back on course.
  4. Matt. 28:20 – God is with us no matter what.
    1. God never violates scripture.
    2. No matter how we are struggling, God is with us.
  5. When Jesus entered Jerusalem He knew He would be betrayed.
    1. We often experience betrayal, but God is still with us working out His purposes in our lives.
    2. Jesus stayed the course set for His life no matter how difficult it was.
    3. We must stay God’s course for our lives.
  6. The Colt was brought by the disciples.
    1. When we are given a task we either fulfill it or we are disobedient.
    2. We need to do those things that the Lord asks us to do.
    3. The reason for getting the colt is “the Lord needs him.”
    4. That is like the calling on our lives.
    5. God wants us to be the real deal.
    6. Jesus wants people with unbroken wills to submit to Him.
      1. People often give excuses not to follow Jesus.
      2. Jesus goes after all, including the stubborn and rebellious.
    7. One touch from the Lord will change us forever.
    8. God wants to get people out of the darkness into the light.
    9. God wants to make us light to those in darkness.
    10. We need to be fully alive in Jesus.
  7. The crowd – Jesus was being honored by the people as He always should be.
    1. People are dying for a real savior.
    2. People will never be fulfilled being filled with the lies of the enemy.
    3. Soon their cheers became jeers – people did not like Christ, neither will the world like us when we are authentically Christian.
    4. When troubles come do we run from the Lord or toward the Lord? We need to run toward Him.
    5. We need to guard our hearts lest our weaknesses open us to sin.
  8. The Children.
    1. It is imperative that we reach the children with the gospel.
  9. The Cleansing of the temple.
    1. They probably did not thank the Lord for speaking into their lives and holding them accountable for their sin.
    2. We need to do the things that the Lord wants us to do.
  10. Jesus healed the blind and the lame.
    1. Jesus wants to heal our sicknesses and diseases.
    2. It is amazing what God will do when we pray and are obedient.
    3. God wants to heal and restore us.
    4. God really wants to heal us if we are spiritually blind or sick.
  11. Thank God that He can turns our lives around.
  12. Questions:
    1. Is your will surrendered to our savior?
    2. There are many who profess faith in Jesus but are not living in Him and are headed for hell.
    3. True success is about following Jesus and having a relationship with Him.
    4. Is our day filled with praise and thanks toward God?
    5. Do you have child-like faith?


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