The Woman Who Gave Her Son to God


 Hannah was a woman who had a dream of having a child, but was barren.  Yet she kept her trust in God, and contued perseverant in prayer.  She made a vow that if God answered her prayer, she would dedicate her son to God.  God heard her prayer and she gave birth to Samuel, whom she dedicated to the Lord.  Hannah teaches us to trust God in the midst of difficult circumstances, to keep our vows to the Lord, and to praise God continually.


  1. Testimony from High school.
    1. Pr. David wore an inappropriate shirt and a friend’s mother told him never to wear anything inappropriate, and he never did again – showing the incredible influence of mothers.
    2. Pr. David also liked to skip school, and she told him to never skip school and he never did again – her influence in Pr. David’s life helped him get on the right track in life.
  2. Hannah – A woman with a burden and a dream – she was childless.
    1. She had no children but her husband’s other wife did, and provoked her about it.
    2. In those days if you had no children you were a failure.
    3. All of us experience seasons of bareness in our lives.
      1. It is difficult even to pray when we feel ineffective.
      2. Hannah did not give up, but kept praying in her bareness.
    4. Her husband loved her, but she was still unsatisfied because she had no child.
    5. Yet, she was a woman who kept praying.
    6. She made a vow to the Lord that if He gave her a son, she would give him to the Lord.
  3. Persistence in prayer is invaluable.
    1. Even when Hannah felt down, she continued to pray, we need to do the same.
    2. She prayed unselfishly and fervently – she promised to give him to the Lord – you would think that she would not be willing to give him up.
    3. Eli the priest received her request and blessed her with the promise of and answer – it was the living word of God.
    4. Afterwards she broke her fast and began worshipping because she believed her prayer would be answered.
  4. She was a woman who kept her promise.
    1. After he was weaned, she gave him to the temple.
    2. She did get to see him every year when they went to Jerusalem.
    3. After she gave Samuel to the Lord, she had 5 more children – probably because of her obedience to her vow.
    4. When she gave the child to the Lord, she confessed that Samuel was the child for which she prayed.
    5. God wants to answer our prayers and wants us to fulfill our vows.
    6. This illustrates the kind of gifts we should give to God, what do they cost us? Do we give our best, do we give our all to God?
    7. Many people make promises to God during a difficult patch, yet when the difficulty ends, they forsake their vow.
    8. We need to live 100% for Jesus.
    9. We need to remember our part when God comes through.
  5. She was a woman who kept on praising.
    1. She praised the Lord for salvation – we can all do that because we have unlimited life in heaven.
    2. She praised the Lord for His holiness – let us be holy.
    3. She praised God for His faithfulness – let us be faithful.
    4. She praised God for His power – He is mighty in our lives and the Holy Spirit will give us power to do God’s will.
    5. She praised Him for His compassion – let us be compassionate.
    6. She praised Him for present and future victories – she saw the majesty of the God we serve, so should we. God does mighty things in our lives.
    7. Because of Jesus, we have overwhelming victory in our lives.
  6. Her words still motivate others to praise the Lord – she left a spiritual legacy.
    1. Prayer and praise should always go together.
    2. Children of mothers like Hannah are indeed fortunate.
    3. We should strive to be like Hannah, leaving a legacy of faith and praise.
    4. God sends people into our lives to bless us.
  7. Hannah teaches us that faith and prayer overcomes every obstacle.
    1. We can take this nation back if we follow her model.
  8. Most importantly, we should praise the Lord for the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


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