The Winter Seasons of Life


 We often go through difficult seasons of life where it seems like everything is against us, yet, God has told us in advance that such seasons would come and that the purpose of those seasons is for us to be pruned so that we ultimately bear extraordinary fruit.  The good news is that God is always with us through the winter seasons of our life, and He is directing our lives toward His glorious purposes for us.


  1. The hardest thing about being in America is having to leave because we have become family.
  2. Genesis 8 – While the earth remains, seed time and harvest...shall not cease.
    1. We will all go through seasons of our lives.
  3. The winter seasons of our lives.
    1. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual.
    2. The first time Bishop came to America, he saw all the trees barren (he had never seen winter).
    3. He thought all the trees were dead…he never saw trees without leaves in Africa.
    4. He was told to just wait, and they would all come back.
    5. That is the natural, the same thing happens to us as individuals and as a community.
  4. Sometimes in the winter seasons of life we lose things.
    1. It could be peace, health, jobs, etc.
    2. We need to know it is just for a season.
    3. Jer. 29:11 – even during our winter seasons, God has plan to prosper us. God has a plan to bring restoration. A plan to give us a hope and a future.
    5. When we are in a winter season, it seems like everything is upside down, but the truth is that God’s plan is still standing.
    6. When everything is going wrong we can lean on our Heavenly Father.
    7. Even when you do not have a gps, God is still God.
    8. When you depend on Him, He will order our steps.
    9. God knows everything we go through in life.
    10. It may be a winter season we are going through, but God has a plan for us.
  5. 3 things that happen to us.
    1. John 15 – Jesus is the true vine – the pruning of God is to make us bear good fruit.
    2. Father is vine presser, Jesus true vine. THIS IS A SEASON OF PREPARATION.
    3. God wants to prepare us for the next season. He knows where we are going, we do not.
    4. Like wearing coats in winter, God prepares us. Soil rejuvenates to prepare for new growth. Prepare for new blooming. Allow the Father to do what He wants to do to prepare us.
    5. God cuts out those things that should not be. He prunes fruitless branches. To make room for growth. Prunes us for greatness, growth, fruitfulness.
    6. God dresses us to become more productive in life.
    7. He wants to prove something through our lives. “He makes all things beautiful in His time”. One day you are down, the next you are lifted up. Don’t give up, don’t quit; you’ll come out refined.
    8. Isaiah – When you pass through the waters, I will be with you… 1. Prepare, 2. prune, 3. prove.
  6. God wants to prove something in our lives – the Father is glorified by us bearing much fruit.
    1. When we are bearing fruit, we forget the winter season.
    2. God lifts up those who have been laid low through pruning.
    3. If you are going through a winter season, do not quit, do not give up, because you will come out refined.
    4. Isa. 43 – When we pass through the waters – God is with us….through the fire we shall not be burned…God is directing our lives and He is with us.
      1. When we go through the winter seasons of life, God is with us.
      2. All of the things that look like they could destroy us will not harm us because God is with us.
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