Steering the Ship



Bishop Ron begins a series on vision, brokeness and government which will empower believers to shine the light of God's love in culture.


  1. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.
    1. An owner of a mid-sized company needed to invest 750k to grow the company because competitors were going to take over.
    2. He was fearful to do so.
    3. It was explained to him that with the investment they could buy equipment which would grow the company exponentially. He did and the company grew.
    4. Those of us who need wisdom, we need to release the deposit of wisdom he has given us and it will grow exponentially.
    5. God’s word sets our course on the right direction.
    6. To fear the Lord is to cleave to his words. It releases the grace that is in us to do the will of God and to be a blessing to others.
    7. We are designed to love one another.
    8. A definition of a liberal – they find an absolute in the Bible and make it a relative.
    9. A legalist finds a relative in scripture and makes a doctrine out of it.
    10. 1908 – Einstein – Theory of relativity – never meant that to be applied to morals, but that is exactly what higher criticism did.
    11. The church is permeated with relativism.
  2. Habakuk 2:2 – Make the vision plain
    1. God’s word when applied to our lives demonstrates the fear of the Lord, to fail to apply God’s wisdom in our life leads to destruction.
    2. We create the atmosphere wherever we go.
    3. God’s word must be the foundation of our lives.
    4. Those who have the Spirit will hear the vision and run with it.
  3. When the Church moved from 183, they wrote the vision out.
    1. When Bishop was sitting in his office, he found the vision they wrote out.
    2. One of the items was “join the journey.”
    3. As Bishop looked at the vision, he discovered that many things have been accomplished because the people ran with it.
  4. Faith is a relationship with God.
    1. We call on His tender mercies and ask Him to come into our lives.
  5. Psalm 103 – David wrote this in a dark place.
    1. We often get to the mountain top when we begin to praise God in our valley.
    2. When you write out a vision you do not forget your past, because we see all of God’s previous benefits – the way He has been merciful to us throughout our lives. His grace is truly amazing.
    3. When we remember how good God is, we are invigorated by His Spirit.
  6. Mark 13 – God’s word will never pass away.
    1. 3 parts to this message: brokenness, the government of God and the vision – we started with vision.
    2. There are laws of the mind, spirit, etc. that God has set in place. When we violate those laws we suffer the consequences.
    3. God has entrusted us with authority to do a work for Him.
    4. We need to pray for, love and encourage one another.
    5. Jesus will return, we must not be found sleeping…indifferent to the things of God.
    6. Jesus called us to watch for His return.
    7. Many things in the OT were symbolic – leprosy was symbolic of sin.
    8. In the cleansing ritual blood and oil was applied to the ear, thumb and toe.
    9. It is applied to the ear because we need to obey the Lord.
    10. To the thumb because we need to do God’s will.
    11. To the toe because we must walk in His ways.
    12. God wants to empower us with His Spirit to transform culture as we do God’s will in His strength.
  7. James – Elders anoint the sick with oil.
    1. The same significance as in the OT.
  8. The watch.
    1. Watch – we are going to be desirous of God’s word.
    2. Watch -we should have an affection and love for it.
    3. Watch - we are to do the works of God.
  9. The tender mercies of God have been on our house and lives.
    1. God is going to continue to be on us.
  10. God’s Word abides forever.
    1. Everything in the OT is applied in the New.
    2. God never changes – He was merciful and compassionate in the NT
    3. When God commands a blessing, nothing can stop it.
    4. Everything belongs to God. All blessings flow from God.
  11. We live in a spiritual war.
    1. We need to be diligent.
    2. God’s grace gives us the victory.
    3. There is always a battle over fulfilling God’s vision.
    4. In Christ and in His word we have the victory.
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