Life Springs is committed to living out our faith in practical ways that minister to the actual needs of our culture.  American society is increasingly structured in ways that both compartmentalize the family and isolates individuals.  In response to these two unhealthy developments, we have taken an organic approach to church where our members are encouraged to build authentic friendships with each other by meeting together spontaneously in homes and together in the marketplace.  Our emphasis is both upon taking time to enjoy the blessings of life together, and to intentionally build one another up in the faith as we follow Jesus.

Building Strong families

Family is at the heart of the Kingdom of God because God rules the world as a loving heavenly Father. The family is the model for every social structure in society including the church, business and politics. God created the first family with Adam and Eve, and as families grew they developed into tribes, cities and nations, all of which reflect the character and nature of its families. The only way to have a healthy society is to have healthy families, and this is one of the primary ministries of Life Springs church.

Living the Christian Faith through Authentic Relationships

Because family is at the heart of the Kingdom of God, and because Jesus made it clear that we are to love one another, building authentic friendships and relationships is a natural expression of the gospel. As we have fellowship with our Father in heaven because of what Jesus did on the cross, we find the love of God is poured out into our hearts to love others.

How Do I Get Connected

There are many opportunities to get connected through regular functions of the church, but it also happens naturally as friendships grow in the context of community. Please feel free to contact any of the members of the ministry team if you need help getting connected.

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