Discover why church is important.

One of the reasons America is a great nation is because our Founding Fathers built our society upon a biblical social architecture. Before the American Revolution began, there was a great awakening in America under the ministry of men such as George Whitefield, John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards. By the time of the American Revolution, the church, and especially the Word of God, was held in the highest esteem. Our national leaders walked in the fear of God. Christians may not have been the majority, but they were the leaders of society. They built our great nation on principles found in the Bible. They also understood that our form of government requires a moral and religious people, and therefore they founded the great educational centers of this nation to teach biblical principles.

As time passed, the role of God’s word in American society declined. What we are seeing today culturally is very reminiscent of the picture of Israel in Isaiah 30 of a deaerating society. As everything falls apart, people experience the frustration and dissatisfaction. Today, all we have to do is watch the news and we will discover that not only is our society broken, but everyone seems to know it. Yet, no matter what people try to do to make it right, it only seems to get worse. This is because American culture often looks to the government and the marketplace as their messiah. We need to realize that God has instituted the church as a pillar of society which, when functioning as God intends, causes society to be healed. In Isaiah 30, societal degeneration was the result of people telling the preachers (prophets) to quit preaching. Society was healed when God’s Word and its preachers were given their proper place in society. Then the people heard a voice telling them which way to walk, and then society was promised a renaissance. This is what our country desperately needs again if we are going to overcome the problems we are facing politically, economically, socially, morally and spiritually. This is part of the mission and vision of Life Springs Church.