The real story is the collision of money and corrupt prosecutors. Have you ever heard this about how people get to the top? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. There is a lot of truth in this saying. It can be a natural fulfillment or an unlawful fulfillment.

When I was in the military, our General needed an excellent golf partner for his competition against the Air Force General. A man in our outfit who was a good golfer got a recommendation from our captain, soon he was hob-knobbing with the top brass on the golf course. We have all witnessed this in life, and some of us have been the natural benefactors of who we have known instead of what we knew. On the criminal side of this saying all we need to say is – “Chicago politics” – it’s a metaphor for many corrupt politicians today who manage to get to the top.

Dumb politicians get caught using their power for undeserving gains, but the clever ones follow the guidelines they have written to avoid entrapment. For instance, as a government official, all income received from a foreign entity must be reported. However, there is a dirty little secret that assists the politician in getting around this law that the clever use all the time. Have you ever noticed how these political figures come into office with average wealth and several years later they’re multimillionaires? The dumb ones get caught and indicted, while the smart ones play the system, and no one is the wiser. Both Democrats and Republicans have dumb Representatives that get caught and smart ones who have shielded themselves.

Rep. William Jefferson, A Democrat from Louisiana, had his house raided by the FBI in Washington and was caught with $90,000 in his freezer from kickbacks. Former Republican Governor John Rowland was indicted for taking Government funds for his lavish vacations estimated in the millions. The list goes on of a who’s who of the dumb. Well over forty Democratic and Republicans have been caught since 2000. But the smart politicians delay their self-gratification by legal loopholes. Here is how they do it according to author Peter Schweizer, “Rather than personal accumulation, the wealth flows to someone who is important in their life—a child, another family member, or a close friend. Those relatives are not required to disclose publicly how much money they are making or from whom. It is a pernicious form of what I call corruption by proxy.”[1]  “By justice a king builds up the land, but he who exacts gifts tears it down” (Proverbs 29:4 ESV). Remember, congress created this law that no one that is not in public office need to disclose their dealings with a foreign government.

The steps they take to hide from the public their accumulation of wealth is unethically brilliant. So, how do the smart representatives of both parties get away with accumulating their wealth? First, powerful families of different foreign countries form alliances with government officials to each other’s immediate families and friends. Effective diplomacy, according to Joe Biden, is about forming personal relationships with foreign leaders. “It all gets down to the conduct of foreign policy of being personal.”[2]  It is not about global brotherhood to ease tensions nor about Obama’s global apologies for the evil we have done to the rest of the nations. Instead, it is about building private empires of the political elite. And if we the people knew the billions of dollars flowing into off-shore bank accounts to enrich politicians by this legal loop hole, I dare say, there would be an outcry of injustice not witnessed since the founding of this nation.

For example, while Vice President Joe Biden was negotiating with Ukraine Mykola Zlochevsky and Russian Viktor Yanukovych to ease tensions between the two countries, his son Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz were appointed Board Members of the Ukraine energy company called Burisma. One way to cure tensions between countries is money and lots of it. Under the direction of the Obama administration Vice President Biden and Secretary Kerry, through the IMF, gave the Ukraine energy company $1.8 Billion. The next step is Hunter Biden, and Chris Heinz registered a bank account in Cyprus. Hundreds of millions flowed into this bank account. Remember, by U.S. law relatives are exempt from disclosing their bank records. The $1.8 Billion tax payer’s money disappeared. Nifty shell game.

Does the name Victor Yanukovych look familiar? It should, his name has been in the news lately tied to Paul Manafort. Manafort has been hired as an international public relations person to clean up their corrupt image. When Yanukovych’s wealth is being built into the billions, and at the same time, he is violating human rights, it doesn’t look good to the international press. Manafort was working with the Russians and Ukrainians long before he was dropping his name to the Trump team. More about this later.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnel and his wife, Elaine Chao have accumulated wealth with ties to China’s military complex. Both have risen to be one of the most powerful couples in Washington politics. Ms. Chao served in two Republican administrations: Under G.W. Bush she was the Secretary of Labor and under President Trump as the Secretary of Transportation while her husband became the ranking Republican Senator. In 2004 when they came to Washington D.C., their combined wealth was 3.1 million well below the Senate average of 14.5 million. Ten years later their net worth is between 9.2 to 36 million. How have they gained so much wealth? Senator McConnell’s father-in-law (James Chao) and sister-in-law have served on the board of directors of a Chinese government-owned military contractor. Another sister-in-law has been appointed to the government-controlled Bank of China, only the second foreign national to serve on that board.[3]  These are potent appointees to China’s government owned companies to curry favor with Senator McConnell, as it did, in the shipping orders; James Chao received a contract to build China’s warships in the hundreds of millions. Millions of dollars started following to McConnell’s family members who do have to report their earnings. I support term limits, to limit their corruption. The U.S. taxpayers are the guarantees for this global family of foreign proxy marriages.

Yes, there is a collision. It has nothing to do with Trump and the Russians stealing the elections from Hillary. The big crime is Trump paying two women to hush about their dalliances. Congress created a hush fund that they use when necessary to silence women that have been sexually abused. There are 240 house representatives and many of them have used tax payers hush money fund that congress passed to pay off women to be silent. Why isn’t that the same crime as Trump?

It has nothing to do with Russian collusion as it has everything to with the plot of dirty money. The American taxpayers are the suckers in this global hob knobbing amongst these private empire builders. The dominated news of Trump/Russian collusion is child’s play compared to what is really happening with the cooperation of hundreds of millions going into secret bank accounts. There is a chump born every minute. I refuse to be any political parties’ chump.

Let me say a little about the Manafort sham. Mueller’s reputation has been the subject of unethical practices in Washington D.C. for many years. Here is one unethical maneuver he participated in Senator Stevens indictment: “Judge Emmet Sullivan issued an order on November 21, 2011, amplified by all major national news outlets and providing a glimpse into a scathing report by Schuelke and Shields. Judge Sullivan quoted a few excoriating lines, declaring that the investigation and prosecution of Senator Stevens were “permeated by the systematic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence which would have independently corroborated his defense and his testimony, and seriously damaged the testimony and credibility of the government’s key witness.” Some of that concealment was both “willful” and “intentional.”[4]

The news and of the findings from Mueller about the players of Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort indictments are nothing but unethical prosecutors’ tactics.  When laws are vague how can anyone follow them: In recent years, it had been wrongly used by overly aggressive, headline-seeking, or politically motivated prosecutors to send people to prison for transactions and conduct that were not crimes at all.

Why is not the same pressure applied to the campaign and of ties of hundreds of millions the Clintons have received from the Russians. Some Russian politicians are corrupt, and many of our own congress is plagued with the same greed. The 2016 election is a diversion away from the real story: the greed in political families that are tied with the powerful foreign families. The real story is the collision of money and corrupt prosecutors.

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