Donna Rhea grew up with a passion for Jesus and desperate prayers for people she loved.  The years of praying for people all came to a head one day, and she essentially determined to lay hold of God for there was no other way out of the darkness her life had become.  In her desperation she experienced a visitation from the Lord that called her to repentance and faith.  After that experience, she heard the Lord tell her, “now I will take care of everything.”  Immediately God began working powerfully and answering her prayers for miracles.

Many people think they want to see miracles, but miracles are the most miraculous in our darkest hour.  Daniel saw God stop the mouth of lions, and his three friends were delivered from the fiery furnace.  Yet, those miracles only took place in the midst of great trouble.  It was the same with the mighty miracles God did in Egypt.  The people of God were in their darkest hour, and at first, the miracles only provoked their enemy to cause them more trouble.

So why would we want to see miracles?  Because they demonstrate how much God loves us and how powerful He is to save.  Nobody who has received an authentic miracle should have any other response than deep gratitude to God for His mercy and grace.  People often argue whether miracles happen today, and the answer is that they happen often, if we have eyes to see.  Yet a miracle is a sign that points to something, and what they point to is the saving love and power of God in Jesus Christ.  That is the whole point, to reveal Jesus.

Listen to Donna’s testimony and decide for yourself whether you believe in miracles.

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