Law Is Beautiful.  “Is it not most interesting that every human government which has resulted from the overturning of the authority of the Church has also been cruel, despotic and willing to kill with impunity?” (Author Unknown) Atheism is the greatest threat to human rights.

An atheist ethics professor made a statement to his students one day in class, “There are no absolutes,” and he was absolutely sure. “What might be right for one person might not be for another. If it feels good to you then, it is right for you.”  A hand shot up from a student, and the professor recognized her. She said, “I don’t’ think you really believe what you are saying is true?” “How’s that?” the professor replied. “I would get great enjoyment out of kicking you as hard as I could in your shin,” she said. “I won’t like that,” the professor responded. The young lady asked him, “Then whose feelings are correct? Yours or mine?” The professor had nothing to say.

Without absolute laws, universal anarchy would abound in all corners of the earth. Serial killers enjoy their murderous actions on the innocent. Feelings are fickle and secure nothing but the appetite of animals. We have enough deranged people breaking laws, could you imagine what things would be like without laws. Jesus said, “Truly I say unto you if you look upon a woman with lust you have committed adultery.” In other words, the heart that lusts is a heart that would do it if they could get away with it. Bank robbers rob banks because they think they have the perfect scheme not to get caught. Otherwise, they wouldn’t attempt to do it. The consequence of confinement is what is holding many back from robbing a bank today. However, if they knew without a doubt they would get away it, they would do the dirty deed.  Lawbreakers are under the curse of the law because it speaks to their rebellious hearts.  The consequence of the law is holding many at bay from doing selfish acts. All Christians have a love for moral laws and willingly keep it as a new creation in Christ. You are no longer living for self, but for Him. Psalm 1:2 “But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night.”

Matthew 6:9-13 “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your Name. Your Kingdom Come, Your Will done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts. As we forgive our debtors. And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For Yours’ is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.” Notice, Christ’s directive for Christians is to pray for His Kingdom to come. Laws come with His Kingdom.

Every kingdom has laws, and without them, there is no kingdom. Erroneously, Christians believe that grace is in opposition to Gods laws. Nothing could be more absurd than the belief that grace disagrees with moral laws. To attack the legislation of God is to disparage the Godhead. The Decalogue came from the mind of God. All good things come from above. Immature Christians think the law ended. If that is true, then God no longer exists. Whatever God spoke or approved will be in principle in perpetuity. Laws should be obeyed. What are the attributes of laws? They are good. They convict a rebellious heart. The law reveals a lawgiver’s intent. It separates the wicked from the righteous. Laws teach us how we ought to live. Laws are a tutor that leads us to Christ.  Grace and law are joined to display the wisdom of Divinity that lays low any self exalted-intellect. Proverbs 28:4 “Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, But such as keep the law contend with them”. The legislation of God can be obeyed through Christ that strengthens us.

When any king establishes laws for the benefit of its citizenry, it can be obeyed or disobeyed. Only the unintelligent would blame the king for his laws being disobeyed by a citizen. Up the street from my house is a railroad crossing.  When the train is approaching, the guardrails lower with flashing lights warning vehicles to stop at a distance back from the tracks. Anyone that received their driving license took the section on laws about railroad crossing. Today as I write this missive, a motorcyclist took the gamble to beat the train at the train crossing up the street from my house and was hit. He required a star-flight to the hospital. I pray he will be ok. Only an ignoramus would blame the train conductor or the law enacted for everyone’s safety. Legislators passed legislation to protect and warn about the dangers of railroad crossings. To blame the legislator for every accident of careless drivers is dumb. These same ignoramuses blame God for the evils of the world. The evils of the are the result of selfishness, recklessness, dangerous ideologies or breaking the Decalogue. These attributes are raising up a generation of self-righteous people.

Many educated people are under the illusion all wars resulted from religious disagreements. Of course, some historical wars make that claim. Atheists regimes that had no belief in God have made wars and are responsible for murdering many more millions than any religious wars. Many atheists Polly Parrot, “The crusades were the worst crimes against humanity.” These same intellectuals do not mention that the jihadists of Islam through the centuries far outnumber the crusades in deaths.  Nor, do they mention Mao, Lenin, and Stalin, who all denounce God and eclipse any murders done by the crusaders. The atheists commit genocide in the name of re-education for collectivism. The state is God. To read more on this topic refer to my article “Natural Law, An Aperture To Civility.”

All atrocities are inexcusable regardless of the perpetrator. Below, are lists of the most famous wars, mouthed by the Atheists against Christianity, while ignoring their crimes. The purpose of this chart is to dispel the notion that all murders are the result of the Christian religion. Atheists’ dogmas are responsible for 14 times more murders than Christians, a ratio of 14:1.[1] Of course, no matter what facts are presented to the Atheists, he/she will turn a blind eye to facts. The Atheists popularize lies against Christianity and many follow willingly.  For example, if you listen to Atheists about slavery one would depart from the conversation thinking slavery is the evil of white settlers in America. Many Internet junkies believe that everything on the Internet is true. News flash: The Internet claims aliens are living in the basement of the Whitehouse giving instructions to our presidents since George Washington. For those that are not simple, I have listed real scholars and books to back the information I have presented.[2]

The popularized history of slavery underlies the claim that slavery grew out of racism. Not so. Professor Sowell points out that slavery for centuries was of like-against-like. “Europeans enslaved other Europeans, Asians enslaved other Asians, Africans enslaved other Africans, and indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere enslaved other indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere. The Western Hemisphere became the first region in history in which slavery was also associated with racial differences…. This enshrinement of racism as an over-arching causal factor accords far more with current instrumental agendas than with history.” In fact, Professor Sowell stated, “More than one million white European slaves were sold at auction in Egypt until 1885. White slavery did not end until many years after the Emancipation Proclamation.” The chart below doesn’t include slavery by the Atheists’ regimes. For every death, there are approximately five innocent people put into hard labor camps from atheist regimes. It should be noted atheists’ ideologies and Islam jihadist are still committing these crimes against humanity today. When we reject God’s laws for mankind, the result is carnage and mayhem. Evolution is a cruel taskmaster.

rhea chart 2

In the beginning, God created man and woman in His likeness. In Eden, God gave our first parents one law, “Thou Shall not eat of the tree…” Law creates a kingdom and separates the subjects and King. After the fall, sin entered into the world and the dispensation of a legal system was modified into law and grace. The law and the authority of God were not impaired one iota with this new arrangement. All have sinned and are in need of atonement for forgiveness. The Atonement of Christ forgives the repentant, while at the same time upholding God’s moral laws. (*Maintains His law while pardoning the sinner). Why? The repentant is no longer under the law (being a lawbreaker) but above the law (wants to keep it willingly). Even on the occasion when one should sin, it grieves them to the point that repentance is immediate, for we have an advocate to appeal to, Jesus Christ.

The Gospel was preached to Abraham as he received the covenant from God. Galatians 3:8-10 “And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel to Abraham beforehand, saying, “In you all the nations shall be blessed.” So then those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham. The Law Brings a Curse [to law breakers] For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse; for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who does not continue in all things which are written in the book of the law, to do them.” Faith in Christ naturally pardoned us from our sins. Therefore, new believers walk in the light. The purpose of law is to convict the sinner.  After repentance, as a new creation in Christ, believers do not want to break the law. They see the beauty of His law. The Holy Spirit resides in believers. God often tells believers to “Be holy as I am Holy.” Simply put, hate what He hates and love what He loves. With the Holy Spirit in you, what characteristics do you think He is working in you? Isn’t it to be more like Him? He that is in you is changing you from glory to glory – if you obey Him. God is always giving and always forgiving to them who love Him (and obey His Commandments). He always upholds His moral laws. Shouldn’t you be reflecting Him? Those who kick against the bricks of His characteristics to be like Him are immature or still selfishly in control of segments of their life. Christ said, “Forsake all.” Forsake your selfish opinions and follow Him.  What you aspire to, is what you become. The atheist wants an impersonal nothing as their creator. Therefore, life means nothing to them, as their belief is the strongest survive at whatever cost. The jihadist aspires to bring in the Caliph and get seventy virgins in the hereafter. Real Christians want to be like Christ – give and forgive.


[1]Conquest, Robert ‘The Great Terror’ Publisher: New York: Oxford, Ed.1990, pp. 485-486. Robert Conquest has estimated that 13.5 to 14 million people perished in the collectivization (“dekulakization”) campaign and forced famine of 1929-1933. (R. Conquest, The Harvest of Sorrow. New York: Oxford, 1986, pp. 301-307).

[2]Sowell, Thomas “Ethnic America” publisher: Basic Books ed. 1984. And “Race and Culture” Publisher: Basic Books ed.1994 pg 62; 224





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