Law Is Beautiful.

One of the few subjects most civil people agree on is the need for justice. I quote Professor Sowell, “Whatever moral principle each of us believes in, we call justice, so we are only talking in a circle when we say that we advocate justice, unless we specify just what conception of justice we have in mind. This is especially so today, when so many advocate what they call “social justice”—often with great passion, but with no definition.”

The famous linebacker Ray Lewis and currently ESPN announcer had this to say about the Black Lives Matter movement (quoted from the Washington Times). “I’m trying to figure out in my mind why no one is paying attention to black men killing black men,” he continued. “Why do we always find ourselves as the victims, and now we have the separation once again that we’re being victimized because of one bad white cop, two bad white cops, three bad white cops, killing a young black brother. But every day we have black-on-black crime, killing each other.”

“I know black lives matter, because I’m a black man, but man, stop killing each other. Man, we got to put these guns down in Chicago. Baltimore, Miami, man it ain’t that hard. You got to be OK with earning a living. It ain’t supposed to be easy,” Mr. Lewis said. “If we don’t change what we’re doing not only will our kids not have a future, but we might find ourselves extinct.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Lewis‘ video had been viewed more than 2.8 million times. This isn’t the first time he’s called out the movement for focusing on the wrong issues. “Remove the word ‘Black’ and say ‘Lives Matter,’ ” Mr. Lewis said in September, BET reported. “Stop sending mothers back home empty. You can never replace a mother’s child. If we want Black Lives Matter, let’s make it matter to us. That’s the new call.”

Expect Mr. Lewis to be reprimanded by the socialist elitists if not publicly, then behind the scenes. As pointed out by Mr. Lewis if black lives matter, then, the gospel of lives matter should be preached. However, preaching lives matter doesn’t fit into the liberal anti-God agenda of exploiting the masses for political and ideology gain.

All of the disciplines of education today are designed to insulate men from God. Modern theology, philosophy, psychiatry, science and whatsoever other disciplines aim to elevate men from their responsibilities to God and one another. Current educators explain evil as a Macro system of inequality. Therefore, they divert the real issue from the individual’s reasonability of obligation to God and one another to an impersonal category of wickedness. The elitists’ love playing this game as it gives them the monopoly on deciding what is right or wrong. Every time a wicked regime surfaces the elitists explain their evil deeds on something else.

Hitler wrote his intentions in his book “Mien Kampf” but few took him at his word. Instead, Prime Minister Chamberlain who had a starry eye belief that he could pacify evil by comprising their differences by forfeiting moral principles was rewarded with disaster. Chamberlain’s ideology to appease Hitler, by consoling him of the economic inequalities of the German peoples cost the British and Europeans exceedingly. Solving inequalities of social justice by liberals always cost someone else. What was the cost of social justice to pacify Herr Hitler, the bombing, and carnage of England and Europe? The doctrine of “social justice” can never be evenhanded by comprising with evil.

What “social justice” seeks to do is to eliminate undeserved disadvantages for selected groups. The Moral Decalogue is the only arbitrator to correct social disparities in society. Rioting, murder, and mayhem is the result of jealously or “thou shall not covet”. The code of Cain can never solve any social differences. Cain meted out what he saw was good for him – killing his brother. Everyone is good in his or her own eyes, even the most suitable and despicable people.

I am always amused, by those who claim to be good moral people, without any moral paradigm to trust. Without the Ten Commandments, the word “good” is pegged to feelings and emotions, which is shifting sand. Matthew 7: 26 “But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand” It is stupid and shameful not to have the Ten Commandments judge your actions by as your paragon for correct living. Of course, whether you admit it are not, we have all fallen short of keeping the commandments. We are all guilty in committing sins against one another. Jesus Christ is the only door for salvation. All devices arranged by man for peace is nothing but vain attempts to solve social injustice.

Sid, a friend, was an intelligence officer in the Cambodian Army before Pol Pot’s genocide. This selfish, wicked atheist rounded up Sid with thousands of other Cambodians for execution. His personal story was horrifying. The ideology of atheistic communism murdered millions of innocent Cambodians. Sid was herded into a shipping container with three hundred other nationals. The executioners stood in front of the crate doors and mowed them down with machine guns. Miraculously, Sid was the only survivor with only a bullet to the shoulder. Afraid, Sid laid motionless pretending to be dead with all of his companions’ limped bodies around him. Several hours later in the dark, he went to his village and left with his family to a refugee U.N. camp hundreds of miles away. Sadly, not all stories end favorably. Pol Pot and the like think of themselves as good moral people.

Over the years, I have met many atheists who think of themselves as good and don’t need Christ or any moral teaching to guide them. All atheists think of themselves as good moral people. Atheists who believe in a fantasy of “nothing” created everything believe this is intelligent. Their finger is caught in the Chinese finger trap twisting every which way in futile thinking, and cannot get set free from this nonsense. Their faith is in the ridiculous thinking of “nothing.” How can “Nothing” be a guide to right morals? Nothing has no morals. The result of this illogical thinking is everyone claims to be good measuring it against faith in “nothing.” Promoting self as good is nothing but a long shadow of selfishness. To divert their nonsense from their finger in the trap, they blame religion for the evils of mankind. However, if their faith in “nothing” produced everything over billions of years of evolutionary biological processes, it is therefore responsible for the religions of the world. Ah, the atheist finds confront in pointing out the evolutionary selection of religion was a mistake needing elimination. The atheist, with their finger in the Chinese trap twisting and turning in hopes to be free from this ludicrous scheme, coronate themselves as a god. Now, being a god, they commit genocide on all religions to correct the blemish by their faith in an imperfect evolution. Rooted in atheisms is a doctrine of genocide. Psalm 14: 1 “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, They have done abominable works, There is none who does good.”

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