When we see a stain glass window, we look at how beautiful they are.  We look at the intricacies of how they are made, the craftmanship to put them together.  Stain glass window are unbelievably valuable.  Let us look closer at a stain glass window.  There are broken pieces of glass, different shapes, and different colors and fit together to form a work of art.

The window is made from broken pieces.  Not a perfect piece of glass but a bunch of broken pieces.  This is how every person is.  We have all been broken.  We have all had hardships.  We have a mindset that is not always the one that God has for us.  We see things out of our brokenness.  We process things from that paradigm.  When we see ourselves and others out of that paradigm and not out of Gods, we will miss who God has created us and others to be.  Everyone is at different place in their walk with God.  We are doing what we think is right.  Let’s give grace to each other.  Let us show the love of God.  We should not aspect everyone to do or act like we do or would in a situation.  Just like that window each piece was broken but when put together it is beautiful.

Not one piece is the same as any other piece in the whole window.  Each piece is a work of art created just for that place.  It cannot fit in any other place in the window.  In the stain glass window above most of the pieces are triangles or rectangles but they are not the same.  They have different sizes and different colors.  This is how God has created the body of Christ.  Each person is a creation from God.  We are all different.  We may have some similarities, but no one is the same as someone else.  As the body of Christ, we need to see the beauty in each person.  God has a reason for why we are alive now, the personality we have, where we live at and so many other things.  We need to stop wanting others to be just like us or wanting to be like someone else.  I often think about if everyone were just like me how boring the world would be.  I like to be quiet and by myself.  I am not one to go out every night.  I do not like talking to people on the phone.  If I need to talk with you, I would rather wait until I see you then to call you.  I know there are people reading this that think that this is a crazy way to live life.  They like being around people.  They like talking hours on the phone or messaging friends.  Let us take a minute to stop and look at each other and ourselves and see the beauty in who what God has created.  Let us stop looking at each other from how we think others should be.  Stop looking at ourselves and thinking that we can never measure up.  You have something that God has put in you and I have something that God has put inside of me.  I cannot do what He has put inside of someone else to do and to with the same passion and effectiveness as that other person.  Just like in the window the pieces cannot be put in a different place.  They are made for one place only.  Rest in who God has made you to be.  Get alone with God and allow him to show you who you are in Him.

A stain glass window is beautiful because of how all the pieces work together to make the whole picture.  This is the same way in the body of Christ at the local church and as the body of Christ as a whole.  What would happen if each of us took our place?  If we fulfilled that place that God has created us to do?  A local church that has everyone operating in the gifts that God has given them would be able to touch the community around them in a way that is beyond our imagination.  If we really work together as one all things would be possible.  In the book of Genesis in the tower of Babel.  God came down and confused their language because they he saw the unity that they had and He said “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”  If we, as the Body of Christ, believed in who God has called us to be and believed in what God has put in those that he has connected us with and we operated in that just take a minute to imagine what we could do for God.  When we take our place the stain glass window is beautiful but if we do not or want people to act differently, we cause hole to appear and the window is not longer something to admire and look at.  Let us take our place and be who God has called us to be and let us see what God can do when we work together.

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