Everybody goes through trials in life, and they are not only difficult times, they are dangerous times. They are times where we are often tempted to doubt the goodness and grace of God, and may even be tempted to forsake our faith. The choice that we make with regard to faith is essential to the outcome of our trial. Trouble can either drive us to trust and rely upon God, or it can cause us to run from God. That is why trials are dangerous times. If we run from God, we cut ourselves off from the one who is life, who is good, who wants to carry us through our trials to glory.

If our trials cause us to draw near to God, they actually become seasons of great grace. Even in the midst of inconsolable sorrow, we find His presence breaks through to give us comfort and hope. Not only that, but if we are willing to see, God works great miracles as signs that He is with us, that we are not alone, and that he is carrying us through to glory.

Joanne Piskator went through very painful trials which began in her fifth year of marriage when she was five months pregnant. She received news that her husband Jerry had advanced cancer and that he would not live for more than three weeks. She not only turned to God, but also to other believers who prayed for her husband’s life to be extended. God answered mightily and added years to Jerry’s life. Eventually the cancer came back, and Jerry died. Joanne found herself at 30 as a widow with 2 young kids. Her story demonstrates the truth: “God in his holy dwelling, is a father to orphans and defender of widows” (Psalm 68:6, CJB). After great mourning and distress in her life, God turned Joanne’s life around and restored all that she had lost to cancer and death. Her journey includes many profound testimonies of how God takes special care of us when we turn to Him in our distress. As you listen to her testimony, you will see how good and loving God is toward all who turn to him in their pain.

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