If we don’t understand that we are valuable and that transcendent laws are our inheritance to protect us we become nothing but brute animals. The accessory follows the principal.

Have you ever witnessed a cattle drive? Most us have seen a cattle drive watching a Western movie. In a cattle drive, you have a trail boss who kept records and gave orders. The ramrod hand was a person that distributed the trail boss’ rules to make sure everyone obeys his commands. Drag riders followed behind the herd to push the animals forward. Swing riders ride alongside the animals to make sure the cattle turn the right way to force them moving onward to their destination. The whole tactic is a covert operation to mislead the herd toward their eventual ruin. This story can be used as a metaphor of political parties misleading and driving you to your gradual destruction for their gain.

The herd cannot judge for themselves that they’re being led to their death to enrich someone else. There is no foundation for animals to turn to for justice. Only humanity has the underpinning to correct the injustice by appealing to natural law; that is expressed in the ten commandments; and other ancient laws such as Taoism. Natural law, when accepted and mixed into our society, is like sugar when mixed into lemonade.

Democrats and Republicans have trail bosses and hired hands (polls, media, science) to keep the herd (you) moving forward to their destination. Both parties have a philosophy that incorporate elements that are good and bad. Both parties hope you will be distracted by the gunfire, so you miss their real intentions. It is easy to be deceived without a reference point to judge their actions. Natural law is the only source, to which, we can seek to see if actions by our politicians are not violating our inalienable rights.

The herd, who don’t think and examine what their party bosses are doing, not saying, become slogan shouters – M-o-o-o! You’re not an animal; so start judging the deeds of politicians by the light of natural law upon each subject. A person who habitually contradicts themselves, should not be heard. That would be many politicians today. Why are progressive politicians against Natural Law?  Natural Law as a major branch and theory of jurisprudence, is the idea that there are rational objective limits to the power of legislative rulers; that’s why progressive lawmakers and social engineers are opposed to having absolutes to limit their power.

What is the principle that you should be following? There are foundational blocks for the whole of life. The orbits of planets are governed by laws of physics. The engraved laws for animals are primarily instincts. The complexity of humanity is free will and moral codes.  To rightly judge, should you not be educated in the differences of these laws mentioned above?  When lawmakers start mixing these laws to prove a theory we are on slippery ground. Our Constitution does not rest on science or sentiments, but rather, upon ethics, moral laws, and limiting politics of human nature. Political power should have limits. The progressives attacking the constitution is a ploy to gain the power to manipulate the masses.

For instance, the definition of utilitarian positivism[1] is laws for the highest good for the majority. The question is, whose good? The baby that is not protected in the womb becomes the object of scorn if it is unwanted by the mom. To make abortion acceptable, radicals use utilitarian positive law because it is for the highest good of mothers who don’t want the child. The fundamental reason why our house is divided, half believe the baby in the womb is a person with God-given rights. The other half think the rights of the mom override the rights of the baby with the slogan “It’s a woman’s choice.” The ruse to desensitize the public is to redefine when personhood begins or what is a person. This isn’t the first time this redefinition of personhood has been mobilized; the Democrats used this con when it came to blacks for slavery. Thank God for Abraham Lincoln. Those who don’t believe in absolutes would like you to forget that President Lincoln was a believer in Natural Law. Is slavery wrong now because of popular consent or is it wrong because of our rights by our Creator? Moralities, as it pertains to humanity, rests on universal laws, not the consent of political approval.

The resurgence of Natural Laws comes along about every fifty years to correct the abuse of power by politicians. How much power does a politician want? Just a little more. Our public conversations should accommodate ideas, not demagoguery. Passions and emotions we all have from our convictions, which is normal, but these sentiments need to be tempered. When you have good ideas, there’s no need to go to homes, restaurants, or public places to harass politicians. Natural Law is the bridge that connects man to common decency. Without transcendent laws we become apes who wear clothes.[2]

Natural Law was the foundation that Martin Luther King Jr. used for the civil rights movement in the 1950s with the help of Republicans to reverse human-made laws of segregation. Martin Luther King, Jr., echoed Saint Thomas Aquinas: “A just law is a human-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. . . . An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.”[3]   Man-made laws that are not in harmony with Gods moral laws are unjust laws. “Not everything that is legal is right,” declared Judge Theodor Seidel.[4]  We the people should protect the U.S. Constitution from the Nay Sayers that want to lead us to believe that it is an old relic out of date. “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”[5]

[1] Positivism is a philosophy of science based on the view that information derived from logical and mathematical treatments and reports of sensory experience is the exclusive source of all authoritative knowledge,[1] that there is valid knowledge (truth) only in scientific knowledge.[2] Dienes that existence of Theism or higher law or metaphysics

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