We are all facing an unknown right now.  We are not sure what is going to happen next in the world, our community, in even our own life.  Many have lost jobs.  The everyday activities have been stopped.  What is next?  What is God saying?  What about this or that?  These are the questions that everyone is thinking.

It is in a time like this that we have many choices that we can make.  We are responsible for how we look at situations and how we respond.  God has not changed.  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I know this sounds clique, but it is true.  God has given us his peace and joy.  We must make a choice to see everyday through his peace and joy.  This will not necessarily change our situation, but it will change how you go through the situation.  I would rather try to have the peace and joy of God than be stressed and worried about everything.  I am not saying this is easy.  I have days when yes, I am walking with lots of faith, peace and joy that God tells us to walk in.  However, there are those days when I cannot get my mind off the circumstances around me and I do not know how anything is every going to change.  I have to lock myself up in my room and cry and tell God that I do not see a way out, but I am going to trust him in spite of how I feel.  I know that he is bigger and that He has a plan.

We can think about people in the bible.  Mary & Joseph, Joshua, David, the apostles after Jesus ascension into heaven.  All these people where facing an unknown.  We look at them now that we have read their story and know how it ends but do, we really think about their situation in the moment.  A lot of times it is easy to say God was with them and would get them through.  However, they did not know how their story would end or what other hardships they would face on the way to the promise or the prophetic word God had given them.  They did not know if the circumstances would change in a month or years down the road.  All they knew was that something big was happening or on the horizon.  They had to trust that what God had said, that he would do it.  They had to keep walking in the path that they thought God was telling them to go.

In this season we are going into an unknown.  The only way to know what or how to accomplish the next step is to just be with God.  Spend that time with God and just be in his presence.  Stop all other distractions that take up your time.  You must give your undivided attention.  This does not mean that you must spend an hour a day just sitting.  But it is taking the time you have.  Then just take the next that God is telling you to take.  We are not going to know 100 steps down the road we are only going to see one step in front.  Have trust and have faith in God and take that next step.  Despite everything have the courage and go through the unknown.

Many things are on the other side.  You have all gone through a journey with God.  At the end of every unknown you will have had a transformation.  You will not be the same person as you are as when you started that journey.  You will have learned a new level of trust and faith in him.  You will have a new level of intimacy that you have not had before.  Your life will speak of these things.  Others will see changes in who you are and in your relationship with God and others.  God wants to take us into a new place.  God’s focus is not just out the end but for Him it is about the journey, the process that takes us to that next place with Him.  Despite this season that we are in trust that God will never leave you nor forsake you.  He wants the best for you.  He loves us beyond what we can think or imagine, and He will be there with us and for us during this time.  Dare to trust God.  Dare to try something new.  Dare to believe all that God has said and watch what will happen.

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