La Marcha ilegal is a global prohibited march of governments and peoples that are not only crossing national borders but boundaries of technology, news platforms, and political parties. I call this a criminal super-invasion of natural rights. Super-invasions (large incursions of people or things into a place or sphere of activity) aren’t a crime if your crossing-over is lawful.  Criminal behavior, however, should be resisted by governments and citizens.  Yet, the illegal crossing of borders is not only about immigration.  All transgressions of natural law are criminal.

There are many examples of non-immigration criminal super-invastions.  For example, the Chinese government has been crossing over into the U.S. for corporate espionage to steal data for decades. The Russian government is a serial meddler into international affairs going back to 1917 (Lenin’s revolutionary days). In our day, there is a media super-invastion that, though it is not criminal, is morally reprehensible.  Orson Wells, the famed director, analyzed and investigated how information could impact a population. Information real or not, when released by a news outlet (how easy for traditional news media to spread the fake or real news) has the power to impact society. Today, there is very little journalistic integrity. Orson Wells proved by his dramatic radio announcement in 1939, “War of the Worlds,” how fast reputable traditional media news will run with fake news. He caused millions to panic, believing Mars was invading us.[1] That is what many unethical media outlets are doing today.

The news theatrics now have been scripted into plays for television. Instead of the population getting in panic mode over being attacked by mars, its design is for sensationalism to divide us without proof.  The tide for many citizens currently is not right or wrong, but Republican or Democrat.  Its primary aim by power-brokers is about them winning not what is best for us.

Why should this super-invasion be lawful? Shouldn’t national borders be crossed lawfully? Would anyone be ok with your privacy being invaded unlawfully? Isn’t decency and respect for individuals and national sovereignty right? Lawful super-invasions promote good relations. What is humane is for individuals, corporations, and nations to stop the unlawful intrusions. None of us are safe without the borders of natural law and morality protecting us. Our U.S. Constitution recognized and guaranteed our unalienable rights from our Creator.

Over the past years, my family and our church have sponsored three Africans and two Mexicans for status in the United States for citizenship. We also were host parents for two foreign exchange Korean students who graduated from High School here in Texas.  So far, three have become American citizens, and the others are well on their way to become Americans.

Migration is a connection for a better existence. Currently, there are 300,000 independent churches in the United States. Suppose every church here adopted a family and paid for their living expenses and acclimated them into our culture. In our church, we have a Cambodian man that fled Pol Pot’s reign of terror to Thailand. While in the U.N. refugee camp he waited for sponsorship. Finally, a church-sponsored his family and they came to America. For three years his family living expenses were paid for by this congregation. The father went to a trade school and earned a diploma in electronics. He then got a job at IBM. He retired from IBM and became an American citizen. During the years he has paid taxes and bought services and products. His contribution boosted the economy. Imagine 300,000 immigrants with a story like this Cambodian family; would it not be compassionate and giving dignity to a family by subsidizing them?  Not to mention, how in turn they give back many times over in money, gratefulness and many of them become sponsors themselves. This humanitarian approach may not solve all of our immigration issues, but it certainly will reduce much of the dilemma of entre into our country.

During these years of sponsorship, we have had many interruptions, which were an inconvenience in our daily routine of life, to help these precious people gain confidence in a new country. However, the joy to help these beloved people outweighed any discomforts. What we have done and are doing is not unique, but this an ancient virtue. A redemptive value of Christian character is compassionate action. How can helping immigrants and migration help America?

If we implement and promote U.S. policies of family sponsorships of immigrants it has the effect of creating family Americanism; the understanding of property rights, the right to be involved in politics, free speech, to bear arms, freedom of religion, due process of law and a host of other American ideas. According to the Kauffman Foundation: “Policy Immigrant entrepreneurship is another source of demand growth in the labor market. In 2013, immigrants were 72 percent more likely to start a business than native-born Americans. As recently as 2011, immigrants were more than twice as likely to start a business as a native-born American.[2] Entrepreneurship has two main effects on the labor market.  First, it creates a job for the immigrant entrepreneur. Second, it has the potential to create a great many jobs for Americans at both the high-tech and low-tech ends of the economy.”

Proper immigration strengthens the American way of life. First, the invisible hand of the free market enterprise raises the minimum wage. No need for Congress to intervene. Very important to keep Congress from meddling into the free market; the Senate does nothing but disrupt the flow of best practices of services and goods. In the past five decades, immigrants (Asian and Latin Americans) have spent 2 trillion annually for non-tradable services (haircuts, auto repairs, etc.). These immigrant consumers increase the demand for more labor. Therefore, we have the lowest unemployment rates in history. Point of interest: One million legal immigrants are becoming U.S. citizens every year since 2000. We have been and still are the most compassionate nation in the world. Immigration is not only a movement of foreigners from one country to another, but there is migration from within our borders going from one party to another party.

Candance Owens, who is black, young and Republican, is challenging the assertion of dedication to one party. She and others have launched a clarion call to black voters across America to walk away from the Democratic party that has done nothing but betray them and use them to enrich themselves. She addressed the crowd, “While Hillary Clinton viewed us as ‘super predators,’ while CNN views us as ‘token negros who don’t read,’ Donald Trump views us as Americans.”[3]  Blacks, whites and Latin Americans erupted in applause and cheers. Young blacks are leaving the Democratic party in droves. Candance Owens, on Newsweek, defined what BLEXIT is: “Blexit is the black exit from the Democratic Party. It’s the black exit from permanent victimhood, the black exit from the false idea that we are somehow separate from the rest of America.” I wonder why the mainstream media is ignoring this migration of young blacks from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.  There is another exodus that is happening: A phenomenon of information-migration from traditional news to unorthodox reporting is unmatched in history. Young voters are in tune with Twitter and the likes for their first-hand information. There is a super-exodus that’s taking place globally of nationalities, knowledge, spiritual revival, and political loyalties are crossing borders. No wall or fake news is going to stop this passage.

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