The Greek word “Hypocrite” means an actor. To pretend to be something you are not. In Athens around 400 B.C. during the Olympiad that was held every four years they had competition in running, boxing, horse racing other sports. Little known, is the competitive spirit in Athens was so strong, it carried into all aspects of Athenian life, such as poetry, drama, comedy. During their festive time to honor the Greek god “Dionysius” Athenians were entertained by comedy and tragedy plays. There were five judges who voted to determine best comedy and tragedy plays. The winners received a theatrical mask of comedy and tragedy.

As recorded about the comedy and tragedy plays, “Socrates was concerned in such events, being a friend of Aristophanes, who won the first prize for comedy three times, and especially of Euripides, youngest of the three great Athenian tragedians. Euripides, though fifteen years Socrates’ senior, came to him for advice, and there is a tradition that Socrates had a hand in his plays, perhaps with his trio containing Hippolytus, which won first prize in 428 B.C.”[1]

Moving forward, I want to announce the revived Olympiad annual “Theatrical Mask” award will be given to best actor in a comedy or tragedy play. This year we have many dominees for this prestige award: The DNC Green Energy hoax, Pass then read Pelosi comedy, Paul (whiny) Ryan drama, Grandpa Schumer comedy, The Clintons’ comedy tragedy, Cover-up Comey comedy, Elitist Mueller tragedy, The Trump Wall tragedy. Here are the highlights of our nominees.

The DNC Green Energy hoax. It’s called a hoax for the following facts. The headlines read: “Creating jobs while not hurting the planet.” Don’t you want your children to grow-up breathing clean air? And this is how the DNC Green energy Quacks will do it. We will convince everyone through our media allies that everyone needs Electric Cars, wind turbines, hemp-powered micro-buses, solar powered panels to save our planet, but don’t tell anyone all of these ideas have to get their material by mining, not to mention, Wind Turbines deface the landscape and kill thousands of birds annually, (where’s PETA when you need them) Solar panels are made out of several elements from the earth i.e., copper indium gallium selenide. You have to do mining to create these solar panels, doesn’t that hurt Mother Earth? A new report by Leiden University in the Netherlands and the environmental consulting firms Metabolic and Copper8 estimates that generating enough wind and solar power to comply with the Paris Climate Accord would require an increase in mining of 12 times the current levels just to obtain all the critical metals needed to build all those solar panels and wind turbines. That doesn’t include all the mining needed to build the cars and devices that would use the energy; just the equipment needed to generate it. They actually are not solving our energy problems. If anything, they’re making it worst. To harness new energy means taking existing energy from the earth.  The Paris Climate accord is nothing more than a clever disguise of a tax on Americans for wealth distribution to the rest of the world.

The Pass and then Read Obamacare comedy by Nancy Pelosi have acclaimed recognition by the liberal left as a brilliant quote to pass Obamacare. Here is her line of reasoning to pass the largest tax bill on Americans in history, “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”[2] Remember, Supreme Court Chief Roberts said that it is not a Health Bill, but a tax bill, therefore it is not unconstitutional. The ruse is the Health Bill is a hidden TAX. And all of the uninformed Americans jump for joy with a shout of “we are getting free health care.” It is a common problem of supposedly free societies, whether taxes are raised to benefit the majority, as the politicians’ claims, or in fact to suppress the people. Recall, your history, that’s why Americans had a revolution against Great Britain.

The Paul (Whiny) Ryan drama describes on how to shift blame on others for not doing your job efficiently. Whiny Ryan drama accomplishment: Ryan cited passage of more than 1,000 bills, though most were minor, and predicted that the failed GOP effort to repeal and rewrite Obama’s health care law will be the framework for an ultimate solution. He said the party’s fruitless attempts to revamp immigration laws — both the House and Senate rejected bills — came closer than people realize. I bet he is good at horse shoes. In other words, under his leadership nothing got pass though GOP had control of both houses. Its Trump’s fault that I’m not a leader.

Grandpa Schumer said, “I know what’s best for everyone, and I will tell you over and over until you agree with me.” All of the liberals are happy because they want a nanny-state, so they don’t have to think and get free handouts, and grandpa Schumer fits that description. Schumer who was against a George Bush nominee for Federal Judge, Said, “Mr. Pryor, I placed him outside “the ideological mainstream for a Federal Judgeship.” And in this respect, he was referring to such issues such as women’s rights, abortion rights, LGBT rights, and the separation of church and state. Grandpa thinks the mainstream is what he believes.[3]

The Clintons’ comedy tragedy: Hillary’s quote, What difference, at this point, does it make?” Remember that thoughtless quote from Hillary in a heated exchange with Senator Johnson about Benghazi attack. The spin doctors blamed it on an anti-Muslim video circulating by some Christians in California. Of course, it was untrue, and so that didn’t work. Now, it’s time to pull out of the hat what she learned from the dodger of all time – her husband. “I did not have sex with that woman,” said Bill Clinton. His reasoning, Oral sex isn’t really sex. The CNN reporters just learn something new about sex and the New York liberal says, “what’s wrong with people, they were only talking dirty to each other – isn’t that freedom of speech.” At another hearing, about the thousands of emails on a server in her basement. She was asked did she clean her hard-drive, her reply was, with a cloth? In fact, Clinton’s emails were wiped with BleachBit so that, in the words of Trey Gowdy, “even God cannot read them.”[4]

Cover-up Comey Comedy, the poster child liar. He had the top law enforcement post in America with thousands of minions at his call for investigations and cover-ups. If he took a lie detector test the machine would blow-up. Comey dismissed any wrong doing with Hillary’s email investigation without informing Attorney Session. Highly unethical. In his book, he stated what was needed was ethical leadership in Washington D.C. Even the Washington Post questioned his statement in light of his numerous contradictions. The real question is whose ethics? The leaker at the FBI agency was Comey. When he was caught lying, he simply said that the FBI information he leaked was leaked as a private citizen. His reasoning for leaking FBI information is laughable.

Elitist Mueller is a master entrapment technician using innocent statements against individuals who made slight variations on time lines at a second interview for perjury. He masterfully makes people say things that are slight non-criminal differences during a second or third interview with jail time for perjury. I hope no American regardless, of their political affiliation, would not have to go through such unethical tactics by a persecutor. Unfortunately, Mueller’s view criminal justice should be guided by revenge or retribution: The aim of any punishment ought to be to deter the criminal and others from committing further crimes. Does not thunder precede rain; when secrecy is amongst authority, there is suspicion among the people. To willingly following law and order, facts not sensationalism, should be claimed to a free society.

The Trump Wall Tragedy. The only thing that can match the size of the border wall is Trump’s ego. No doubt, Trump is a mud slinger. That’s why the Washington establishment dislike him, his ego overshadows their egotism. Therefore, the border wall is a metaphor for the divide we have in America today. Truth is not the high order of today, rather, what side convinces Americans whose opinion is correct about truth. The advertising of morality creates a divide of what people think is good and what is evil in human affairs. For example, no American wants any child to die in custody when crossing the border. The news slammed on American people by radical liberals and the media is its those heartless Republicans that have caused this tragedy on the border. Of course, who is right is the battle we have today. The wall that is dividing us is the lust for power by the elite in politics.

Please hand me the envelope with the name of the winner, please. And the Theatrical Mask award goes to? Unbelievable, it’s a dead heat – it’s a tie!

[1] Johnson, Paul. Socrates (p. 21). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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[4] Bongino, Dan. Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump (Kindle Locations 3774-3775). Post Hill Press. Kindle Edition.

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